Budget Consultation

The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office offers free and confidential consultation services to help you prepare a budget. They can help you answer these questions:

  1. Will my income allow me to cover expenses this year?
  2. Will I have enough money to pay my expenses on time?
  3. Is my budget realistic for a student in my situation?

1. We can help by providing you with different tools regarding how to make your budget, as well as some advices to reduce your expenses and increase your incomes. Contact us to make an appointment at 418-656-3332.

During the appointment, we will need to know what your income and expenses are in order to get the most accurate picture possible of your situation. We suggest you bring relevant documents (pay slips, current bills, account statements) and have a good idea of upcoming payments you will need to make.

If your needs are more specific (concerning investments for example), we suggest you contact an advisor at your financial institution.