Loan and bursary applications

Steps for submitting your application

  1. Go to the Aide financière aux études website and log into Online Services.
  2. Select the Full-Time Forms tab and follow the instructions.*
    – You’ll need your institution and program codes for the form.
  3. Supply all the necessary documents by uploading them directly to your file or dropping them off at our office. Your application will not be processed until you’ve supplied all the necessary documents.
  4. Ask your parents or spouse to complete their online declaration (Online Services).
  5. Wait for your email notification from Aide financière aux études regarding the status of your application
  6. Print your Guarantee Certificate and present it to your financial institution to have your loan and any bursaries deposited directly into your account.
  7. Contact us if you need help or information about your file or application during the course of your studies.

*If you don’t have a permanent code, you will have to fill out the paper version of the application. For a copy, swing by our office.

Information on your file

If you have any questions or need information about your financial assistance file, contact us. Our experts can help you and even process most of the documents required by Aide financière aux études on the spot.

Nevertheless, you should check Online Services on a regular basis. You’ll receive a notification from Aide financière aux études whenever anything is added to your file, like a new assessment or a form to be completed.

Confirmation of enrolment

We send monthly confirmations to Aide financière aux études regarding the number of credits for which you are enroled at Université Laval. You must be a full-time student (minimum of 12 credits) for each term during which you receive loans and bursaries (unless you are deemed a full-time student).

Dropped courses

If you are thinking about dropping a course (before or after the tuition reimbursement deadline), we strongly recommend that you contact us beforehand. We will inform you of the impact (potentially significant) that your decision will have on the amount of financial assistance for which you are eligible.

Important milestones

To make sure you receive your payments on time, mark the following key times on your calendar:

In June, fill out your application  for the coming school year. At the start of the month of August, be enroled full-time for the fall session. At the start of the month of December, be enroled full-time for the winter session. In February, provide the ministry  with confirmation of  your financial resources. At the start of the month of April, be enroled full-time for the summer session.

To learn about the full range of additional student aid available through the Loans and Bursaries Program, see online under Benefits and Additional Amounts.