Doctoral Admission Scholarships

Université Laval provides a $2,000 admission scholarship to all students who register for the first time in a full-time doctoral program in summer, fall, or winter.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be admitted into your first PhD program at Université Laval.
  • You must be registered in a doctoral program full-time*.
  • Must not benefit from the Supplemental tuition fee exemption scholarship of Laval University for International students.
International students: If you are benefiting of Laval’s Supplemental Tuition Fees Exemption scholarship from University Laval, the $2,000 doctoral admission scholarship will go toward paying your supplemental tuition fees. You will not receive the $2,000 scholarship amount directly; rather it will be applied over your first two semesters to the supplemental portion of your tuition fees.
*Part-time: Students who debut a first doctoral program part-time at Université Laval and who are enrolled at least part-time in each session (fall and winter) are eligible to receive the scholarship during their first full-time semester. They must then contact the Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière to validate their eligibility.

Terms and conditions

You have no administrative form to complete to receive your scholarship. The Office of the Registrar provides a list of individuals eligible for the doctoral admission scholarships to Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière (BBAF), which manages funding for the scholarship program. All eligible students will receive a communication from the Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière (BBAF) at the right time.

Students will receive a single payment of $2,000 at the first full-time semester for which they are registered. However, the student must be registered at least part-time in each subsequent semester to be eligible for the scholarship (registration for the summer semester is not mandatory).