Doctoral exemption

Each semester, Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche (MEESR) allows Université Laval to offer international students enrolled in its graduate study programs a predetermined number of supplemental tuition fee exemption scholarships.

Université Laval has expanded this exemption scholarship program for doctoral students. As such, all international students who enroll in a regular doctoral program at Université Laval will be eligible to benefit from the same tuition fees as Québec students. This exemption scholarship program is designed to attract the best students to Université Laval and better contribute to the success of their doctoral studies.

At Université Laval, Scholarships and Financial Aid Office is responsible for managing this exemption scholarship program.

Before leaving their country, all international students must ensure they have the financial resources required to support themselves for the entire duration of their studies.

Program provisions dictate that master’s students are not eligible for this program unless places remain after scholarships are awarded to doctoral students.

IMPORTANT: Tuition fees for students granted this exemption will not be adjusted until after the deadline for complete or partial withdrawal from courses with a refund.

Scholarship duration

The scholarship will be valid for one year (summer 2015, fall 2015, and winter 2016) and renewable on the recommendation of the research director for up to the first 8 semesters of full-time enrolment in the doctoral program, or a maximum of 96 billed credits (beyond these limits, the exemption is no longer granted).

You will be granted the exemption for courses and activities recognized on your compliance report (Rapport de cheminement) available in Capsule, based on the normal path of your study program (the number of credits per semester must not exceed that of students enrolled in the same study program who are not eligible for the exemption scholarship). Additional courses are payable at the higher rate.

Bureau des bourses et de l’aide financière reserves the right to withhold the exemption for courses and activities that would not be recognized on your compliance report (Rapport de cheminement) or that would not be taken in the normal path of your study program.

You are not eligible for the scholarship if…

  • You currently or subsequently receive a supplemental tuition fee exemption under an agreement between the Government of Québec and your home country.
  • You currently or subsequently receive a scholarship from an organization that pays your tuition fees.
  • You receive official “permanent resident” status in Canada.
  • You are enrolled part-time.
  • You are enrolled in Continuation fees (Poursuite de la recherche), meaning that a special rate is already provided for under Université Laval regulations.
  • You are enrolled as an auditor or in transfer credit activities (Études hors établissement).
  • You are studying via distance learning.
  • You have completed the maximum first 8 semesters of full-time enrolment in a doctoral program (change of program included).
  • You have reached the maximum of 96 billed credits.
  • You have changed your level of study and are no longer enrolled as a full-time student in a doctoral program.
  • You already benefit from an automatic exemption under MEES policy (e.g., French citizens, certain diplomatic personnel, certain refugees, etc.). A number of French courses are automatically exempted by MEES and are therefore not covered by the exemption program.


Initial application

If you are a new student admitted to a doctoral program at Université Laval

A letter announcing the exemption scholarship will be sent to you with the offer of admission from the registrar’s office. Simply follow the instructions included and send us the form and required documents. Please note that only students receiving an offer of admission to a regular doctoral program will have access to an exemption scholarship application form and be authorized to fill it out.

Please note that applicants from countries that have a cooperative agreement with Québec MUST prove that they have already applied for an exemption scholarship from their own government. A copy of the acknowledgement of receipt or an equivalent document issued by the government authorities of the applicant’s home country must be submitted with the abovementioned exemption scholarship application. Otherwise, the application will be automatically rejected. For information, visit Exemption by country.


Please note that to be eligible, exemption request forms must be sent to the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office by the deadline shown below for each session.

  • Exemption for the summer 2015 session: August 31, 2015
  • Exemption for the fall 2015 session: December 31, 2015
  • Exemption for the winter 2016 session: April 30, 2016

All incomplete or late requests will be declared ineligible. Obviously, it is better to send requests at the beginning of the session to avoid processing delays and late fees.


If you are already enrolled in a doctoral program at Université Laval and are receiving the supplemental tuition fees exemption scholarship

Guide and renewal form 2015-2016 (PDF)