Sample Student Annual Budget

The following budget presents indicative amounts only. It aims to guide students about the real cost of living in Québec.1 All expenses reflect those of a student at the undergraduate level. They are calculated monthly, except for tuition fees, books and parking, which are given per semester. This budget does not take into consideration any other exceptional expense the student may have to assume.

Student’s status Québec student Canadian student International student
Accommodation (monthly) Housing Residences $368 $368 $368
Accomodation $350 $350 $350
Apartment (alone) $600 $600 $600
Home insurance (optional) $20 $20 $20
Utilities (Heating and electricity)
(included in residences)
$85 $85 $85
Phone, cable and Internet
(included in residences)
$150 $150 $150
Groceries $350 $350 $350
Restaurant $50 $50 $50
LPU (Laissez-passer universitaire for full-time student rate) Gives access to RTC, STLévis and Traversiers Québec/Lévis.

  • Fall (September 1st to Décembre 31st): $120,60
  • Winter (January 1st to April 30th): $132,66
Car $200 $200 $200
Gasoline and repairs $200 $200 $200
Parking* $274 to $544
(per semester)
$274 to $544
(per semester)
$274 to $544
(per semester)
Medication and health care $90 $90 $90
Personal care $35 $35 $35
Health and hospitalization insurance n/a n/a $78**
Other expenses (monthly) Sports and leisures $100 $100 $100
Clothing $50 $50 $50
(per semester)
Books $400 $400 $400
Tuition fees (15 credits) $1 777,80 $4 559,55 $11 363,40
Annual total (registration for two semesters)*** Minimum:



*Prices depend on the parking area chosen.

**The total amount ($936 = 12 X 78$) is added to the tuition fees for the fall semester. It is therefore payable in one single installment.

***The minimum annual total reflects the budget of a student living in the residences and using public transportation. The maximum annual total represents one of a student living alone off-campus and owning a car.

1 Expenses are mainly based on data from IRIS (Institut de recherche et d’informations socioéconomiques), which presents the cost of a sustainable consumption basket for a person living alone in Québec (April 2018).

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