Finding a job

Balancing your budget often involves getting a job, whether related to your field of study or not. The Service du développement professionnel (SDP) can help you find one. Book an appointment with an employment counsellor today to receive assistance tailored to your needs.

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On-campus jobs

For all students


At all levels of study

A teaching assistant is a student who helps teaching staff with various tasks related to class preparation, presentation, and evaluation. Teaching assistants may also be assigned teaching tasks, under a professor’s supervision. For more information, contact your department, school, or faculty.

A research assistant is a student who helps a research team, a professor, or another person who receives grants or research contracts with research-related tasks. For more information, visit the SDP website.

An administrative assistant is a student who performs one or more of the duties associated with positions covered by the accreditation certificates of Syndicat des employés de l’Université Laval, without any significant interference with those positions. For more information, visit the Human Resources website.


At the graduate level

Research team: For students in a master’s with thesis or doctoral program who are interested in joining a research team, the Research projects and expertise platform publishes a list of faculty research projects and areas of expertise. Specific funding is also available for certain research projects.


For international students

You can usually work on campus without having to obtain a work permit. However, you must have a valid study permit and a valid Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). You must also have a social insurance number (SIN) and be enrolled full time.

Université Laval faculties and services regularly hire students.

Professional Development Service

Work-study program

For Canadian students and permanent residents  

The purpose of the work-study grant program (Programme de subvention études-travail) administered by SDP, is to allow students who have received loans and bursaries and who are experiencing financial difficulties to qualify for a grant. This program helps students continue their studies and find assistant or contract positions on campus.

A simple 3-step process!


Fill out your financial aid application

If you haven’t done so already

Complete your application for financial assistance (loans and bursaries for full-time studies)

Confirm your eligibility

If you haven’t done so already

Complete the online form

The Student Awards and Financial Aid Office will confirm your eligibility within a short timeframe.


Submit your application

For assistant and contract positions eligible for a grant

View job postings and apply directly online.

For international students

The work-study grant program, administered by SDP is only available to international students who pay additional tuition fees. It provides international students with an opportunity to obtain valuable professional experience in their field of study. Students will be able to develop the skills and abilities sought in the labour market through the positions offered.

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Working off campus

For international students  

Most international students with a study permit who are registered full time during the fall and winter semesters can work off campus.

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