Québec Perspective Scholarship Program


The Québec Perspective Scholarship Program will be offered to students with Quebec residency status who are enrolled full-time or deemed full-time* in one of the designated study programs. This program is implemented to increase the number of qualified potential candidates on the market for priority jobs and careers as defined by the Québec Government and in accordance with the labour shortage in essential public service as well as in strategic fields related to the global economy of the Province of Québec.


* To be eligible for the scholarship program, you must have completed your:

  • full-time study term, if you attended school on a full-time basis;
  • part-time study term, if you attended school on a part-time basis but were deemed a full-time student based on the requirements applicable to your situation.

$2 500 by semester

  • $15 000 for a 3 year program

  • $20 000 for a 4 year program


These incentive scholarships are added to the loans and bursaries program. They will be awarded to eligible students registered in designated university programs after successfully completing every semester, whether students are at the beginning, midway through, or at the end of their studies.


The maximum number of eligible semesters is 6–8 for undergraduate studies. Up to 5 semesters are eligible for a master’s program, and up to 15 semesters are eligible for a doctorate program.


Clarification for bachelor’s degrees in nursing: Up to 7 semesters are eligible for the Bachelor’s of Nursing – Second Entry and up to 6 semesters are eligible for the Bachelor’s of Nursing – DEC-BAC Pathway.

If you meet the eligibility requirements for a designated program, you have until July 31st, 2024 to apply for the Winter 2024 semester scholarship, even if your grades are not yet on file. Access the application form now from the Bourses Perspective Québec page in the Finance section of monPortail.
You will be able to apply for the Winter 2023 semester scholarship starting on May 1, 2023. You will have until July 31, 2023, to complete the scholarship application. To see all of the eligibility criteria and access the form, visit the Bourses Perspective Québec page in the Finances section of monPortail.
Please allow 10 business days for processing.


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The terms and conditions of this scholarship program are posted on this page for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The information on the Government of Quebec website prevails at all times.