Leadership and Commitment Scholarship

The Leadership and Commitment Scholarship aims to support talented students who are involved and have accomplished outstanding things in one of the 6 following fields: social and humanitarian work, entrepreneurship, the arts, the environment, sports, or science.

This scholarship program is intended for Canadian citizens and permanent residents students who have submitted a new application for admission for the Summer 2021 or Fall 2021 semester in a regular undergraduate, master’s or PhD program at Université Laval.

Scholarship’s value

  • Undergraduate: Total value up to $6,000 or $8,000 ($1,000 per semester)
  • Master’s: Total value up to $10,000 ($2,500 per semester)
  • PhD: Total value up to $30,000 ($5,000 per semester)

For eligibility requirements and selection criteria, refer to the fact sheet.

Target audience and eligible programs

  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent residents
  • Undergraduate: All baccalaureates
  • Graduate: All master’s and all PhDs

Note that for scholarships to be awarded, the applicant must have received a conditional or final offer of admission to Université Laval. Candidates who are on the waiting list will not be considered eligible.

Submit your application

You must complete the online form and submit a complete application by the required deadline. To access the application form, you must have previously applied for full admission to Université Laval, and this application must have been processed. Please allow a few days for your request to be processed.

Deadline: March 15, 2021

Submit your application


1. Who can apply for this scholarship?

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who submit a new application for admission to a regular undergraduate or graduate program at Université Laval in the summer or fall term may apply for this scholarship.

2. Are students admitted to a certificate, postdoctoral, advanced graduate diploma, or short program eligible?

No. Only students admitted to a regular bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD program are eligible for this scholarship.

3. Are students who have already started their degree programs eligible?

No, because it is an admission scholarship.

4. Are part-time students eligible for the scholarship?

No. One of the eligibility criteria is that students must be registered full-time in all terms (fall and winter) for which their scholarship is awarded.

Students with “Deemed full-time” status at Université Laval are considered eligible.

5. Are Capsule transcripts accepted?

Capsule transcripts are accepted only for students who must provide a Université Laval transcript.

All official transcripts must be scanned and combined into a single PDF file and submitted with the application form. This includes all college transcripts for an undergraduate scholarship application and all university transcripts for a graduate scholarship application.

The college transcript may be unofficial, but must include the Cote R, or CRC score (cote de rendement au collégial); school reports will not be accepted.

6. How do you apply?

You must complete the online form and submit a complete application by the deadline. Paper forms will not be accepted, and documents sent by email will not be considered.

To access the application form, you must have previously submitted a complete application for admission to Université Laval, and this application must have been processed. Allow a few days for processing.

7. What are the selection criteria?

Recipients are selected based on the following criteria: leadership, commitment and involvement, and academic excellence.

8. Can students request a deferral of a scholarship offer?

This scholarship is available only to students who apply for admission in the summer or fall term. A scholarship offer can be deferred up to the following winter term, provided that the application for admission is officially deferred by the Registrar’s Office.

9. Does this scholarship cover the recipient’s tuition and living expenses?

No, the scholarship does not cover the full cost of a year of study in Québec City. Students are advised to consult the page on fees to properly plan their budget.

The value of each scholarship is as follows:

  • Undergraduate: Total value up to $6,000 or $8,000 ($1,000 per semester)
  • Master’s degree: Total value up to $10,000 ($2,500 per semester)
  • PhD: Total value up to $30,000 ($5,000 per semester)

10. Can the Leadership and Commitment Scholarship be combined with other scholarships?

Yes. This scholarship can be combined with other scholarships.

11. Can instalments be issued in the summer to students registered year-round?

Yes, a payment will be issued to the students who are registered full-time during the summer semester, if of course they meet the other eligibilty critera.

12. How are scholarships paid out?

Scholarships are paid out directly to students after the deadline for withdrawing from courses with a refund, in instalments of $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 per term depending on the degree level. They are not applied to the payment of tuition fees.

Scholarships may be conditional on recipients attending a scholarship ceremony.

Scholarships are not paid out before the tuition fee payment deadline. Recipients are therefore responsible for paying their tuition fees by the university’s deadline in order to avoid additional costs.

To retain their scholarship, students must remain registered full-time (or deemed full-time) in the program for which their scholarship was awarded.

13. Is a student eligible for scholarship instalments if qualifying courses are required?

Yes. However, the scholarship will not be increased and will be for a maximum of three or four years for a bachelor’s degree (depending on the program), two years for a master’s degree, or three years for a PhD, i.e., the expected length of the program.

14. Who can act as a sponsor for an applicant?

The sponsor may be a professor, employer, supervisor, coach, etc. They do not have to be a professor at Université Laval or reside in Québec. The applicant’s family members, friends, or roommates are not allowed to act as sponsor. The sponsor must not be related to the applicant.

The sponsor will need Internet access to complete an online form attesting to the applicant’s various leadership activities and involvement and explain how the applicant is a committed student.

The sponsor has the option of completing the form in English or French.

15. When are the results announced?

The results are sent by email in late April. All applicants receive a response.

16. What is the procedure for renewing a scholarship?

Each winter term, scholarship recipients who are eligible for renewal receive an email containing the necessary information. They must complete the online renewal form and submit it by the specified deadline.

Eligible applicants must demonstrate that they maintained their leadership and commitment throughout the past year. Renewal applications are reviewed by a committee, and the results are sent by email in late April.

Note: A scholarship cannot be renewed for any degree level. Students who change degree levels must reapply for the scholarship by the deadline after submitting a new application for admission to Université Laval.

17. Are cotutelle students eligible?

Cotutelle students may be eligible to these scholarships, under certain conditions. Please contact us directly for further details at: engagement@bbaf.ulaval.ca

This new scholarship has replaced the “Canadian citizens and permanent residents” portion of the Leadership and Sustainable Development Scholarship Program (PBLDD).

Programme de bourses de leadership et développement durable (PBLDD)