Loans from Canadian provinces outside Québec

Government aid from other Canadian provinces

Receiving your financial aid

Repayment exemptions

Government assistance from other Canadian provinces

If you are arriving from a Canadian province or territory other than Québec, visit the Government of Canada website for information on the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program:

  • Program advantages
  • How it works
  • Financial aid estimator
  • List of available federal student grants
  • Maximum financial assistance


Applications for financial assistance must be submitted to your provincial or territorial student financial aid office.


Important: Université Laval’s educational institution code for all of these programs is FUAU.

Receiving your financial assistance

Once your application has been processed, the financial aid office in your province or territory will contact us directly to follow up. We will confirm all the necessary information so that they can proceed with the payment.


If you are unsure of the process in your province or territory, do not hesitate to contact us. We can provide you with all the information you need.


If you have already received a grant or loan, you can simply access your NSLSC account.

Repayment exemption

If you have received financial assistance in the past and are still in school (and enrolled in the minimum number of courses required by your province or territory), you may be exempted from repaying your student debt and any interest.


Since rules vary from one province or territory to another, we recommend that you check with the student financial aid office in your area first.


Please contact us afterwards to confirm your registration with your office.