Tuition fee exemption scholarships for undergraduate and graduate programs

Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES) requires international students enrolled at Québec educational institutions to pay a supplemental amount of tuition fees.


Pay the same tuition as Québec students!

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Exemption scholarships from differential tuition fees depending on the program of studies

The exemption scholarships from differential tuition fees depending on the program of studies and the region and the exemption scholarships from supplemental tuition fees in priority sectors will be in effect until 2026. It is aimed at international students who will be beginning their studies in the fall semester in one of the eligible programs of study at Université Laval.


As of Fall 2023, a limited number of exemption scholarships from differential tuition fees will be awarded to candidates with outstanding academic records who meet the eligibility criteria for the regular duration of their program of study. Please note that this financial support does not cover the full tuition fees. It allows selected international students to pay the same tuition fees as Quebec students.


Eligibility criteria and Selection criteria

Eligibility criteria

  • Must be an international student.
  • Has submitted a completed admissions file for an eligible program of study at Université Laval for the Fall semester.
  • Be a person subject to differential foreign student tuition fees and not benefit from any other exemption scholarship.
  • Maintains full-time student status at Université Laval during those semesters granted the exemption scholarship (fall and winter).
  • Studies in Canada with a valid study permit.
  • Take courses that contribute to your program of study from the first semester of enrollment.
  • Has a place of residence in the Province of Québec located outside the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community / la Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal while studying (only for the region-based exemption scholarships).
This exemption scholarship does not apply for anyone who has already started a program of study at a university located within the Montreal Metropolitan Community and wishes to pursue their studies at Université Laval (only for the region-based exemption scholarships).

Selection criteria

  • Academic excellence
Université Laval Designated Programs
The “priority sectors” exemption applies only to bachelor’s degrees in nursing and engineering, while the exemption “based on the region” applies to all the programs below.


Université Laval Designated Programs






Information Technology


Health and Social Services

[boite_bleue]Certain terms and conditions regarding the granting of exemptions are still being finalized and will be made known within the coming weeks. Université Laval reserves the right to modify the number of exemptions and eligible programs without prior notice.[/boite_bleue]


Application submission

The 2024 selection process is now closed.

Applications will reopen in December 2024.
You must complete the online form and submit it by the specified deadline. Please note that you must first have submitted a complete application for admission to Université Laval for the fall 2024 semester. Please allow a few days for your request to be processed.


[texte_cache]Next selection process: December 5th, 2023 to February 15th, 2024[/texte_cache]
Deadline: February 15th, 2024
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*By submitting your application, you will also be considered for the Citizens of the World Excellence Scholarship.

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The terms and conditions of these scholarships are posted here for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. The information on the grant or scholarships form prevails at all times.

Exemption scholarships available through agreements signed with MES

The scholarships of exemptions available through agreements signed with Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES) is managed by MES. It allows international students to be exempted from supplemental tuition fees so they pay the same tuition as Québec students.

You must submit your application for exemption to officials in your home country. If you have already received an exemption, please follow all conditions of exemption to remain in good standing.


French and francophone Belgian students

Under a student mobility agreement among the governments of Québec, France and the French Community of Belgium, qualifying French and francophone Belgian university students in Cycle One (Bachelor’s level) are eligible to pay the same fees as Canadians who are non-residents of Québec. French and francophone Belgian students enrolled in a Cycle Two university program (a Master’s) are eligible to pay the same fees as Québec residents.


Students in other categories

How to apply

  1. Check whether your country has signed a cooperation agreement or bilateral accord with Québec.
  2. Contact the authority in your country of citizenship or at the international organization that manages exemptions for information on selection criteria and to get your application form.
  3. Send your letter of admission or proof of registration from your university and the application form (Appendix II) to the organization responsible for managing exemptions in your country.
  4. The designated authorities in your country are required to send exemption applications to MES. Your country is responsible for selecting applicants. Applications sent by students directly to Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec (MES) will not be processed.
  5. Wait for a reply from the relevant organization in your home country to find out whether your application has been approved or denied.
  6. Obtain the required authorizations to do a training course of more than six months in Quebec.
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