Graduate Studies’ Funding

Contrary to popular belief, scholarships are not reserved exclusively for academic excellence. There are various eligibility criteria: admission, mobility, leadership, excellence, international students, precarious financial situation, etc.

Admission Scholarship

Bourses de leadership et d’engagement

L’Université Laval désire soutenir pendant leurs études universitaires les étudiants talentueux démontrant des réalisations exceptionnelles dans l’un des six secteurs d’activité suivants: artistique, entrepreneurial, environnemental, scientifique, social/humanitaire ou sportif.

  • 2e cycle : Valeur totale de 10 000$ (5 000$ par année)
  • 3e cycle : Valeur totale de 30 000$ (10 000$ par année)

Doctoral Admission Scholarships

  • Ph.D.: $2,000 for students who are enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Université Laval for the first time.

Other admission scholarships

  • Variable amounts


Graduate scholarships from granting agencies

These agencies offer research scholarships from $15,000 to $35,000 for graduate studies. A few scholarships of $50,000 for Ph.D. students and $70,000 for postdoctoral studies are also offered.

Research directors’ funds

In many fields, the research director offers financial support to students who participate in his research project.

Scholarships offered during studies

A simple search through the Université Laval Scholarships Directory allows students to find scholarships corresponding to their profile. Several scholarships are intended for students who have completed a minimum of one academic semester.

Graduate Studies Awards

Each year, Université Laval awards $4.6 million as an incentive to success in a master or Ph.D. program, from admission to graduation.

On-campus Jobs

Work/Study Program

Allows students experiencing financial difficulties who have submitted an application for loans and bursaries to obtain a job on campus.


Teaching and research assistant

Many jobs available each session.

Financial Assistance

Student Loans and Bursaries Program

The governments of Quebec and other Canadian provinces offer loans and bursaries based on students’ financial situation.

Loans Program for Part-Time Studies

The Government of Quebec offers loans to students enrolled part-time (minimum of 6 credits per session) that usually cover their tuition fees.